Our Story

New Tech Network is a non-profit organization that helps students gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life, college, and the careers of tomorrow. We work nationwide with schools, districts, and communities to provide services and support that enable schools to implement innovative high schools that promote deeper learning.

We began in the mid-90s in Napa, California. The local schools were meeting education standards, and the community thought of Napa High School as a good school. However, local business leaders remained concerned that meeting basic standards would not be enough to ensure that students were graduating with the skills needed to meet the needs of the new economy.

These business and community leaders decided to make a difference. Working with the local school district, they began researching innovations in education to re-imagine what a truly great school might be like. In 1996, the Napa Valley Unified School District established Napa New Technology High School with the first class of 100 students.

As Napa New Technology High School thrived, local business leaders and education advocates came together to ensure the school’s long-term success and sustainability by establishing the New Tech Foundation. In 2001, New Tech was awarded a $6 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. With this funding, New Tech was charged with launching 14 schools over three years.

From this initial launch, New Tech has continued to grow. In the 2006-07 school year, New Tech opened 23 new sites with clusters in Los Angeles, North Carolina, Texas, and Indiana, supported by an online learning system.

Today, our name is New Tech Network and we support over 180 schools in 28 states and Australia. New Tech schools leverage what research tells us about how people learn to create an exceptional teaching and learning environment. Based on this research and our own experience, we create a rigorous and engaging high school experience that features Project-based learning, the seamless use of technology, and a positive and empowering school culture.

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