Experts in school development and innovation

New Tech Network has offices and staff located throughout the country and our experience in education is as diverse as our schools.

New Tech Leadership

President and CEO
Lydia joined New Tech Network in April 2010. She has combined careers as a technology entrepreneur and executive, with education policy and non-profit service. She served two terms as a school board member, led an education foundation and directed replication strategies in the non-profit education sector. 
Her vision is a nation where every public school has the capacity to realize the full potential of each student. Among the chief initiatives for New Tech are expanding and strengthening its network of 175 schools, working with districts and communities to support systemic change and further development of the learning management system, NTN Echo.  
Her entrepreneurial and executive career featured work in the high technology, online services, consumer products and health care industries. She graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of California, Berkeley.
Chief Operating Officer
As the COO of New Tech Network, Tim directs all internal and external operations with a focus on a cost-effective and efficient operation.
Tim is passionate about systems transformation to provide access to Deeper Learning for each and every student. After serving as a founding teacher at Sacramento New Tech High School, Tim joined New Tech Network in 2005 and has served in a  number of roles across the organization, supporting 25 schools as a School Development coach and then leading the cultivation and planning for over 100 schools and districts in the past 5 years. In his current role as Chief Operating Officer, Tim leads all internal and external operations, including the development of Echo, NTN’s Learning Management System.
Tim graduated with High Honors from UC Berkeley, has a Masters from UC Santa Barbara, and is a fellow of the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum.

Chief Learning Officer

As Chief Learning Officer, Megan Pacheco focuses on the quality of professional development that is the trademark of the New Tech Network. Working with coaching teams throughout the country, Megan helps drive pedagogical innovation using project-based learning as the primary method of instruction.
Megan joined the New Tech Network in 2005 and has coached schools in California, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, and South Dakota. Prior to joining New Tech Network, Megan taught math at the flagship school, Napa New Tech. Megan co-developed an integrated math/science class, taught algebra I and geometry, and served as the New Tech Site Advocate.
Megan graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1999 with a B.S. in mathematics and an M.A. in Mathematics Education from Sonoma State University.

Chief Schools Officer

As Chief Schools Officer, Jim focuses on supporting the implementation efforts of over 175 schools in 29 states and Australia that make up the New Tech Network (NTN). Working to ensure that every NTN school has the support it needs to become a great school, he supports NTN’s school coaches, assessment initiatives, leadership development work, and national events.
Prior to joining the New Tech Network in 2011, he was a founding staff member of Two River Public Charter School (an Expeditionary Learning School) in Washington, DC and served as the school’s Principal until 2010. In addition to his work at NTN, Jim teaches as an adjunct faculty member at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education and serves as a member of the graduate school's advisory board. He has also served as a Fulbright Memorial Fund Scholar, an education policy fellow at the Institute for Educational Leadership, and a fellow at the National Center for Leadership.
Jim holds a bachelor's degree from Presbyterian College and a master's degree from The George Washington University.

Chief District Officer

Serving as the Chief Officer of District Support, Jude Garnier leads New Tech Network’s support at the systems level for districts and charter organizations housing multiple New Tech schools. Joining New Tech Network in 2010, she has helped to develop the leadership development framework for New Tech school leaders as well as our emerging strategy for support of district leaders.
Jude’s sixteen year career as a public school teacher established a solid foundation in teaching and learning, which grounds her work in school and district change. Since 2000 she has served as a founding member of the Change Leadership Group at Harvard Graduate School of Education (and is one of the co-authors of the Change Leadership Handbook); led an 8-year professional development and coaching effort for districts and schools involved in a significant reform initiative in Washington State; and directed the leadership development work for school and central office leaders within Seattle Public Schools.
Jude holds a B.A. in Elementary and Special Education, an M.Ed. in Special Education and a Ph.D. In Educational Systems and Leadership.

New School Development and Planning

Alan Veach
Director of Regional Development
Jessica Sharp
Director, District & School Development
Lisa Caldwell
New School Development Account Coordinator
Nick Kappelhof
Director, New School Development
Paul Buck
Director, New School Development
Sandra Marinos
Accounting Clerk and Tour Coordinator
Stacia Snow
Tim Presiado
Chief Operating Officer

School Design and Implementation

Alix Horton
Literacy Coach
Alma Hernandez
Administrative Assistant to Events Team
Amil Gehrke
Research Associate
Andrew Biros
School Development Coach
Anna Kinsella
School Development Team Leader
Beth Boesche-Taylor
School Development Coach
Brette Woessner
School Development Coach
Charlene Glassley
School Development Coach
Dese Zuberi
School Development Coach
Drew Schrader
School Development Coach
Gaylen Brannon
School Development Coach
Geoff Krall
Math Coach
Heather Hester
School Development Coach
Jeff De Varona
School Development Coach
Jodi Posadas
School Development Coach – Elementary
Julia McBride
Director of School Leadership
Kelley McKaig
School Development STEM Coach
Kevin Gant
NT Teams Designer
Kris Williams
Manager of Coaching
Leah Henry
School Development Coach
Liz Bergeron
Director of Research
Mary Ayers
NTN Events Lead
Matt Thompson
School Development Coach
Paul Curtis
Director of Curriculum
Ryan Baxter
School Development Coach
Sara Johnson
National Events Coordinator
Sarah Leiker
School Development Coach
Starla Collins
School Development Coach

Infrastructure Solutions and Technology

Carolyn Ferris Parker
Echo Community Manager
Frank Weitl
Project Manager
Mackenzie Knight
Technology Solutions Specialist
Stephanie Kolcun
Technical Support Manager
Thomas Humphrey
Technical Solutions Specialist


Chris Chaleunrath
Director, Development
Christine Lintz
Director, Human Resources
Cindy Skinner
Claire Ferrari-Birks
Accounting Clerk
Eileen Grady
Kathy Wright
Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Krista Clark
Director of Communications
Kristin Cuilla, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Partnerships and Communications
Lorraine Machado
Administrative Assistant
Theresa Shafer
Online Community Manager
Zac Wheatcroft
Marketing Associate