Sharing a passion for change

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Support from philanthropic partners and donors fuel the success, sustainability and growth of our schools.

We are grateful to partners and donors that share our vision for innovative high schools. Together, we have made great progress toward our goals.

Join us and make a difference in students’ lives.

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Steelcase Education aims to make a difference in education. For students, educators and designers, we work to create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning spaces. As a dedicated group within Steelcase exclusively focused on education, we bring evidence-based design, technology and furniture solutions to education environments, wherever learning happens.

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Strategic Partners and Supporters

Strategic partners and supporters provide essential funds that enable New Tech to deliver on its mission, support students and sustain growth. They work with us to expand capabilities, implement new technologies and provide valuable resources to New Tech schools and students. New Tech Network partners with Steelcase Education. As lifelong learners, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation