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Posted by Theresa Shafer on October 29, 2014
People left this chat with inspiration! Thanks @JamieArmin
Posted by John Martinez on October 27, 2014
Recently, a group of ATEMS students designed and built cardboard arcade games.  Our inspiration for building these cardboard games came from the  experiences of a 9 year-old boy... Read more »
Posted by Michael Kaechele on October 27, 2014
Sometimes old projects can be repeated and sometimes they need a makeover. In the past we did a 12 week study of American foreign policy starting with the Spanish American War (... Read more »
Posted by Kevin Gant on October 22, 2014
Chaco Canyon in Your School Occasionally, I get ideas for projects that won't necessarily work in my course, but I would love to see someone else run with them.  Here are one and... Read more »
Posted by Newtech Admin on October 21, 2014
Principal Eva Merkel knew transforming Lakeland High School to engage students in project-based learning was the right thing to do. Validation of this “huge paradigm shift” is... Read more »