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Posted by Emmy Ryder on January 22, 2015
If I were to say Junior year has been perfect, and lovely, and everything I could have hoped for in a semester I would be lying straight to your eyeballs. Junior Year has been, in... Read more »
Posted by New Tech Staff on January 22, 2015
It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right was presented at our national conference, NTAC 2014 by Teresa Fuller and Danielle Wilson This session, led by a co-teaching pair who have... Read more »
Posted by Theresa Shafer on January 21, 2015
Led by @VmVikes very own @JefftSpencer, questions, answers and ideas were shared around entry events for project-based learning classrooms.  Need more PBL info? Check out this... Read more »
Posted by Lydia Dobyns on January 16, 2015
In his December year-end press conference, President Obama termed this part of his presidency 'the 4th quarter' and added "interesting things happen in the 4th quarter." The... Read more »
Posted by Jenny Pieratt on January 14, 2015
Being critical friends means that we can depend on our colleagues to help us reach our potential. We all serve as critical friends (and really, aren’t these two words synonymous... Read more »