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Posted by Lydia Dobyns on May 22, 2015
As a country, we want the best for our youth ─ our own children and those in our communities. We dwell on the 'going-to-college' problem ─ wanting to go, getting accepted, paying... Read more »
Posted by Krista Clark on May 20, 2015
With Paul Curtis  @ 2015 Napa Education Exchange Conference Project Based Learning is a great way to increase student engagement and help students develop deeper learning outcomes... Read more »
Posted by Krista Clark on May 20, 2015
Superintendent Kathy Gomez, Director Randy Hollenkamp and students presented at the Napa Education Exchange. 
Posted by Steve Zipkes on May 19, 2015
Driving Question: What Have I Learned About Community Partnerships? Connecting the real world outside-my-school's walls has been a passion for me. For students to have the richest... Read more »
Posted by Lydia Dobyns on May 19, 2015
Change is hard work. No one knows this better than New Tech Network (NTN) school administrators. Leading a school through systemic change requires constant attention to all... Read more »