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Posted by Theresa Shafer on March 27, 2015
An Innovative Conference for Inspired Education! Deeper Learning for All!
Posted by New Tech Staff on March 27, 2015
Could collaboration save the teaching profession? We published an article 3 months ago titled Why Half of the Nation’s New Teachers Can’t Leave the Profession Fast Enough. To date... Read more »
Posted by Lee Fleming on March 27, 2015
“Our school district always talks about instructional leadership, but 95% of my job is management.” -Assistant Principal after one year on the job I recently met with some... Read more »
Posted by New Tech Staff on March 25, 2015
The past year, I have spent a lot of time touring universities and filling out applications for schools. Throughout the whole process, I learned a lot about what is required to... Read more »
Posted by Theresa Shafer on March 25, 2015
Soft skills, Enduring skills, Agency, 21st Century Skills, Lifeskills...we talked about them! Lively discussion about what to call them, how to measure them and why they are... Read more »
Posted by Newtech Admin on March 23, 2015
They’re everywhere: in print, in conversation, in conference sessions. Invariably, including at SXSWedu last week, references to “the Non-Cognitives” and to “Soft Skills” are... Read more »