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Posted by Newtech Admin on September 1, 2015
Letter from Da Vinci Alumni Maggie McManis As I have started college at Southern Utah University, I have realized that Da Vinci High has prepared me for college courses and the "... Read more »
Posted by Steve Zipkes on August 27, 2015
Principal Steven Zipkes is the founding leader of Manor New Technology High School in the Manor school district. The school is nationally renowned for its STEM focus, and for... Read more »
Posted by Jaylen Reese on August 26, 2015
Moving Forward Someone once told me that if you look back in the mirror you won’t be able to see what is ahead. Whether you’re a teacher, student, or college student,  last year... Read more »
Posted by Theresa Shafer on August 26, 2015
With over 180 schools heading back to school this Fall we have really enjoyed watching all of the ways the teachers and students are celebrating!  While the West Des Moines... Read more »
Posted by Theresa Shafer on August 26, 2015
Great ideas for PreK-HigherEd shared by educator from around the globe!
Posted by Alix Horton on August 23, 2015
Last time, I argued that rubrics really are a good thing, despite Alfie Kohn.  However, I wrote assuming that the rubrics teachers are using to have rich conversations are good... Read more »