Achieving my Internship Goals

My internship was with Mrs. Schulze and Mrs. Mattice at the Napa County Auditor's Office. The Auditor's department manages the county's finances, checks, payments, and arranging our county's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). This document is for other county's to refer too when looking at Napa from the financial angle. After the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is produced, Mrs. Mattice compresses the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report into the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) for the public. Both documents are open to the public, but the Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) takes the full, roughly 100 page version of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, and compresses it into a 5 page summary.

I was given several tasks and projects during my internship. My day to day tasks included filing contracts, pulling contracts, taping remits, sorting checks, and stuffing envelopes to be mailed to Vendors. All of these tasks connected so that I was running on my own, somewhat, separate circuit. When a vendor signs up with the Auditor's office, they receive a contract. The bigger businesses such as AT&T or PG&E have multiple contracts due to the multiple locations. Once a contract was pulled it was given to Kristi who processed the payment and typed it up into a check. When the checks were printed I received them for sorting and taping remits. By definition, a remit means to pass on money from one place to another. After taping the remits I'd sort the checks into several stacks; Single check with multiple remits, multiple checks with or without remits, and single checks without remits. The checks would then be folded and stuffed and sent off for mailing.

During my internship I set out to learn self-discipline and efficiency because I've always been a big procrastinator. The company expected me to learn how to adapt to the office environment through dress, speech, and behavior. Their main goal was to have me work on the CAFR, but it's such a long process that it was hard to incorporate me in such a short amount of time. I was introduced to the CAFR and the PAFR and how each department of the Auditor-Controller's office contributed towards it, but unfortunately didn't get the chance to partake in the creation of the 2012 Fiscal year CAFR or PAFR. Although I was able to enhance my oral and written communication both inside and outside of the office. I learned appropriate ways to address fellow office mates and how professional emails are laid out. My work ethic has been greatly effected from my time in the office. When I was given tasks, whether it was a day to day scheduled task or a one time job, I would complete them swiftly with ease without question. When it comes to work I've learned to be a machine in efficiency.

I got a lot of work experience from this internship that I don't think I could have learned as well any where else. While at the Auditor-Controller's office I was able to learn the simple, basic tasks that can be applied to any job or work space. I learned the proper way to alpha-numeric file contracts and important paper work, how to manage remits, how to operate Microsoft Word 2007, and effectively use the copy machine. These skills will come in handy in every work environment from teaching to retail.

Each July the office begins it's new fiscal year, which is offset from each numerical year. One of my major projects while at the Auditor-Controller's office was to transport all of the old, outdated contracts and daily work files from the back closet into boxes to be shipped to a warehouse for safe keeping. After labeling each box by the contents inside and stacking them in the front to be shipped, I transferred the 2011 Fiscal Year daily work to the back room for safe keeping. For the daily work I labeled the outside of the box. For the contracts I created a digital roster that would be taped to the top of the box so that others could see the contents without digging through the box.

New Tech helped me obtain my internship by teaching me how to write a proper cover letter, resume, and create my professional portfolio. We endured numerous workshops on what professionalism is and how to go about searching for an internship. Our instructor, Mrs. Gaul, made sure to cover everything from searching for the perfect internship to how to dress and what to bring to the interview.

In college I'm planning on majoring in math, minoring in music, and getting a multiple subject teaching credential. This internship has helped this process in many ways. When teaching I must know how to properly alphabetize students names and must also be tech savvy in using Microsoft Word, Open Office, etc. When applying for jobs many work spaces prefer if one has previous experience in the area or is looking for one with specific skills. This internship has broadened my horizons into the work world and I see it as the most effective because unlike most internships the skills can be used everywhere. For example I know of a senior who interned with a private detective for the summer. Although that internship sounds very cool and interesting, it only teaches one skills to quality for one area. If later on that student decides they don't want to go into criminal justice, they're forced to start from square one and build up again.

Lili is a senior at Napa New Technology High .