No Hype, Just Talent

They say that teenagers are lazy.

They say that they're selfish.

They say teenagers are slackers, are shallow, are out of touch.

Not at my school.

They say that teachers are jaded, underqualified, and satisfied with the minimum effort from themselves and their learners.

Not at my school.

They say that administrators sit behind their desks all day, don't care about what the teachers want or need-- or what the students want or need.

Not at my school.

When I was in dance, way back when I was still coordinated, we had a lot of themed recitals. One of them was called "Everything and the Kitchen Sink." I believe I wore a purple spangled outfit and brandished a light saber. But the recital that always stuck with me was called "No Hype, Just Talent." No gimmicks. No flash. Just a bunch of gangly dancers doing what dancers do. It's recruitment time at NTO, and with that comes a lot of responsibility to dazzle the incoming fishies with our MacBooks and our common areas and-- look! Our tables have wheels, whee!!!

But WE speak for ourselves.

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