3 New Tech High School Students Receive Award From C-Span

New Technology High School students Anna Yip, Jose Melgoza and Hannah Callison will be recognized for their placement in the 2013 C-Span Student Cam competition. The New Tech High students created a seven-minute documentary entitled “Corporations Are Not People”.

On April 10, the New Tech students will presented their awards in a special school assembly and presentation. The C-Span educational bus will be on hand for student and media to explore.

Over 3,700 students took part in this year’s competition. A total of 75 winning videos were recognized. The annual competition is sponsored by the C-Span Education Foundation.

Videos were evaluated by a panel of educators and C-Span representatives based on the thoughtful examination of the competition’s theme, quality of expression, inclusion of varying sides of the documentary’s topic, and effective incorporation of C-Span programming.

The student video can be seen here: