New Tech High Schools in Northeast Indiana

Have you heard of New Tech high schools? Well if you haven’t, here’s a quick overview. New Tech high schools first started in Napa, California in the mid-90’s. A group of business members and community leaders wanted to strive for more than just reaching the standards and began researching innovative teaching methods. They converted a local high school into Napa New Technology High School, the first of what would later be called “New Tech high schools.” This school focused on the skills needed to prepare a student for the new economy, emphasizing project-based learning and integrating technology into the classroom.

An organization called the New Tech Network was formed through multiple generous grants, most notably from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and was tasked with opening more of these schools throughout the nation.

Fast forward to today and there are now over 80 New Tech high schools in 16 states. Think this is just something for the west coast? Think again! Northeast Indiana has FIVE – soon to be SIX – New Tech high schools.