Bunkie New Tech High School

435 Evergreen Street
(318) 346-6216
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School Profile:

Bunkie New Tech in Avoyelles Parish in Central Louisiana is in its first year and is housed on a grade 7-12 campus. We started with grades 9 and 10 with plans to add grade 11 in 2010-2011 and grade 12 in 2011-2012.

At Bunkie New Tech, a computer is available for each and every student, and project-based learning is used all the time. BNT students are graded for their schoolwide learning outcomes: collaboration, work ethic, technology use, written communication and oral communication.

Courses offered are Algebra I, Geometry, Physical Science, Humanities I (English I and World Geography), Humanities II (English II, Civics/Free Enterprise), Biology I, Food Service Tech I & II, Clothing and Textiles, and Education for Careers.