New Technology High School

920 Yount Street
(707) 259-8557
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School Profile:

Founded in 1996, New Technology High School (NTHS) is the original school in the New Tech Network. It was created when local businesspeople came together to develop a school in which students would learn the skills necessary to succeed in the New Economy. They aimed to solve the problems of a lack of skilled local employees, students graduating unprepared for jobs in a technologically advanced marketplace and the community's frustration with the quality of public education.

Since opening its doors, NTHS has graduated more than 750 students, sending them to top colleges and internships with nearby Silicon Valley companies. The classrooms are models of modern industriousness, with each student using his or her own personal computer and the latest software to do everything from accessing daily bulletins to completing math assignments.

Education at NTHS is directly connected to this access to technology. Our project-based learning requires that students present tech-based projects about subjects they study, such as a detailed website with original graphics and links to related sites or a beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation combining digital photography and original text.

The technology doesn't overshadow core academics, though. Students fulfill all district requirements and some extra ones specific to NTHS. They also can receive college credit at Napa Valley College. Extracurricular organizations include clubs, dances and off-campus trips. Students can enroll in music and sports at nearby Napa or Vintage high schools.

Small class sizes and personal relationships with instructors create an environment in which students are responsible for their own learning. Structured more like college, or even a workplace, than a high school, NTHS is a school where students learn self-sufficiency.

Noteworthy programs and successes:
  • 98% of students graduate and 95% of students enroll in postsecondary education, versus an average of less than 40% postsecondary education at other Napa Valley high schools.
  • 40% of students graduate in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career paths, compared to 7% of high school graduates nationwide.