The New Tech Network works with districts and schools to re-imagine teaching and learning. Over a four and half year period, we work with district and building-level leaders, teachers and staff, and other stakeholders to provide the support, training, and coaching they need to successfully implement and sustain a New Tech school. This page provides a few of the resources needed to better understand and begin the planning process.

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This document provides the typical timeline that most school districts follow while moving from investigation of the New Tech model.

This rubric is used by the New Tech staff and their assigned School Development Coach to help assess a New Tech school’s fidelity of implementation, its efforts to ensure sustainability, and its student achievement.

This document lists the staffing and facilities that a 9th grade or a 9th-10th grade New Tech implementation should have and would be nice to have. It also includes sample New Tech course integrations and a sample shared-campus renovation schematic design.

This is a quick guide to NTN technology and recommendations.

This is the New Tech Network 2013 School Success Rubric.