School Development

The New Tech Network works with districts and schools to reimagine teaching and learning. Over a four and half year period we work with principals, teachers and staff to provide the support, training and coaching they need to successfully implement the New Tech model

The structured school development process includes the following:


School planning »

Principal training »

Personalized coaching »

National training events »

New Tech Learning Platform »

Network benefits »

Conditions for Success

Before starting a New Tech school, districts must lay a solid foundation for our model by committing to the basic conditions critical for school success. Conditions for success include:
  • Creation of an autonomous public high school with a unique identity
  • Small school size of 400-500 students
  • Creating a professional climate based on trust, respect, and responsibility
  • A computer for every student with school-wide internet access
  • Scheduling flexibility to support team teaching and cross-curricular projects
  • All courses taught with project-based learning as the primary method of instruction
  • Creation of physical learning spaces that support team teaching and student collaboration

School planning

Schools receive guidance and support through all stages of planning and launching a New Tech high school.
  • In-depth, informative tours for planning teams
  • Strategic consulting for school startup
  • Development of a master plan for implementation
  • Teacher Residency
  • New Schools Training
  • Leadership Residency

Personalized coaching and on-going support

Extensive, individualized coaching allows school staff to gain the skills they need to confidently implement the New Tech model.
  • Four years of on-site and remote services
  • Support in cultivating a collaborative school culture focused on student achievement
  • Coaching to successfully implement school-wide, project-based learning
  • Individualized guidance for teachers and principals

National training events

Regional and national events give principals, teachers and staff an opportunity to continually sharpen their skills, share best practices and network with like-minded professionals from around the country.
  • New Tech Network Annual Conference
  • Meeting of the Minds regional conferences
  • National Leadership summits
  • Online meetings and workshops

New Tech Learning Platform

New Tech Network provides its schools with a powerful learning management system, a set of integrated online tools to support teaching and learning. Our learning platform enables personalized instruction, facilitates collaborative learning and strengthens relationships across the network, empowering students and teachers to become skilled creators, leaders and producers.
  • Web-based collaborative learning environment containing an extensive library of high-quality classroom projects from across the New Tech Network
  • Google Apps Education Edition: Gmail, Calendar, Talk, Docs, Sites, Video
  • Grade Portal: Holistic gradebook for reporting student progress on deeper learning

Network benefits

One of the most powerful benefits we provide is membership in the network of New Tech schools.
  • Via live events and our online tools, schools become active members in a vibrant community of practice
  • Research and reporting services, including school profiles, alumni tracking and student assessment tools
  • Marketing and outreach services for schools
  • Programs to recognize successful school implementations and outstanding teachers
  • Local trainer certification